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    #atom on freenode IRC network

    If you want to join the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for this wiki, go to freenode ( and join the channel #atom.

    If you enjoy #atom please make [WWW]a donation to Freenode which makes #atom possible.

    [WWW]IRC Chat Logs

    See also IetfTextConferencing

    Clients and Tools

    IRC Info

    Simple Instructions

    Short Version

    #atom is accessible if you have hot linking enabled in your IRC client, otherwise follow these short instructions:


    Regulars on #atom (this is the guestbook. Add links to your blogs here)



    [AsbjornUlsberg] Are there any other ports than #6667 open on this server? If not, is it possible to open up another, because I haven't got access to standard IRC-ports because of the firwall here at work.

    Added... Can't you enable connection on port 6667, if anothers opened for IRC use the chances are it too will be blocked by the firewall. Its likely you only have the standards open 80, 21, 23 etc.