The Atom Syndication Format and Publishing Protocol

Specifications for syndicating, archiving and editing episodic web sites. (Why? See Motivation.)

If you're not familiar with Atom, you can find out what Atom is at [WWW] , the general public site for new users.

Proposed Standards

The Atom Publishing Format and Protocol WG has concluded. Per the announcement on IETF-Announce:

The AtomPub WG was chartered to work on two items: the syndication 
format in RFC4287, and the publishing protocol in RFC5023. 
Implementations of these specs have been shown to work together and 
interoperate well to support publishing and syndication of text 
content and media resources.

Since both documents are now Proposed Standards, the WG has completed 
its charter and therefore closes as a WG. A mailing list will remain 
open for further discussion.


Current focus:

Other work:

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