Resources for testing Atom Publishing API

Current APP draft:

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#atom channel on d

List of APP endpoints (with descriptions);service_document "Currently a work in progress, live, and not protected by any passwords."
[WWW]Demokritos No auth required. No warranties. Please be gentle.
Roller server no test endpoint?
[WWW]OpenLink Data Spaces (an Application of [WWW]OpenLink Virtuoso) "Basic auth is required. You'll need to open an account at: and then create a Weblog instance. You should invite user: kingsley to you contact network or send me an email to requesting a user id and password."
[WWW]Jiglu Needs an account and basic authentication. Currently supports draft 14. Feedback welcomed to
[WWW]Amplee Basic authentication required. Should support draft-14. Accept atom entries and PNG images. Contact at
[WWW]Photofriend WSSE authentication required. Accept POSTing only JPG images. Please contact to

List of APP clients and how to use them

APP Test Suite
[WWW]PushPin a web-based client
[WWW]Apache Abdera

HTTP traces of APP interactions captured

(this makes it much easier to implement my own APP server :-) )


Libs, tools, etc


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