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Family Friendly Calendaring

Jon Udell: the calendaring problem is just one of the many ways that real life challenges on our prevailing enterprise security model, with its bankrupt notion of an inside and an outside divided by a wall.

The longest living application I wrote for my personal use is a family calendar.  It is written in PHP.  It is password protected.

There are a number of issues involved here, very few of them technical.  The technical issues involve more than simple synchronization.

Entries on my “for work” calendar are very fine grained.  I may have a meeting that starts at 12:30 EST for a duration of thirty minutes.  I have no need for such an entry to be synchronized on my family calendar.

Entries on my family calendar are much more coarse grained, and often speculative.  My wife may be in Boston on Thursday, and my trip to Chicago got moved to next month.

Jon appears to be bullish on SSE.  I’m less convinced.  And not just for technical reasons.  See here and here and here and here.  I do know of people who want to work with Microsoft on these extensions.  I just don’t know how to make that happen.