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Absentee Ballot Application

Today I received a Absentee Ballot application from the Center of Voter Information. It appears legit.

I've reproduced the contents of the cover letter below:

If you already submitted a request for ballot by mail for the 2020 General Election, there is no need to submit another request. Center for Voter

Dear Samuel,

I am writing to let you know that you are eligible to vote absentee in upcoming elections. In North Carolina, you don't need an excuse to vote absentee. I have sent you the enclosed absentee ballot application to make requesting a ballot easy.

Voting by mail is EASY. Just sign, date, and complete the application. Drop it in the mail and you will receive a ballot from your county board of elections which you can complete and return without ever leaving your home. No waiting in line.

Voting by mail keeps you healthy and safe. The best way to protect yourself, your family, and your whole community during this time is to vote by mail.

You can even research the candidates as you vote.

65.5% of voters in North Carolina cast their ballots before Election Day in the 2016 election. Join them in 2020 by returning this application to vote by mail.

Your privacy is protected. If you use the enclosed envelope with pre-paid postage, your application will be delivered directly to your county board of elections.


Lionel Dripps
Center for Voter Information

P.S. Please take a minute to complete the form, sign and date it, and place the form in the pre-addressed postage-paid envelope. Thank you.