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iCalendar explorations

For no particular reason than an abundance of spare time and a preference not to have my personal data locked in an application silo, I took a look into building a calendar server. Without much effort, I was able to build what amounts to a demo.

Raw ingredients:

Mix these ingredients with node.js, yarn, babel, bootstrap, express, create react app, nodemon, and concurrently and you are almost (but not quite) there.

The problem is that each of the first three components listed "speak" a different language.

With this in mind, adopting the ical-generator format seemed like the path of least resistance, and the problem splits into three pieces:

With these three pieces in place, I can fetch my calendar and have it displayed and go back to previous months. Other than an initial impression that react-big-calendar is slow (presumably I'm using it wrong somehow), I feel I have a lot to show for very little effort - a testament to the strength of the underlying building blocks.

Possible directions from here:

The full repository on GitHub.

If I'm missing something obvious, or you have an itch to scratch and would like to collaborate, let me know either on twitter or by opening an issue.