Atom Hackathon

Date and Time

XML 2004, this November 16-18 in Washington DC will feature an Atom Hackathon. This event will take place on the exhibit floor during exhibit hours:

Participants must register for an expo pass onsite - onsite registration hours are listed at

Cost of EXPO ONLY PASS / November 16-18: $0 (Before November 8, 2004)

Participants should bring their computers and Atom Publishing Protocol implementations. Network connectivity will be provided.

The goal is to demonstrate interoperability between as many client- server combinations as possible in doing four operations: 1. creating a new post that includes a picture. 2. replacing the picture with another. 3. changing the text of the post. 4. deleting the post.

see also: HackathonToDo

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What's being Tested?

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IRC Channel

#atom channel on server irc:// which has [WWW]public logs