In ConceptualModel, a WellFormedEntry is defined by its attributes, namely author, permalink, a date, and content (which may be one URI resource, or a related set of URI resources), but there is no definition of what an entry is in relation to or to distinguish from other resources, like comments, feeds, sites, categories, trackbacks, stories or articles, photo albums, playlists, blogrolls, sections, archives, contact-info/about, etc. An entry could possibly be any of these things, once it appears as "an entry" of an online journal or weblog.

Journal or weblog record

SamRuby introduces WellFormedEntry by saying,


This definition, while precise, appears to exclude:

In many ways, 'entry' appears to be an action or event that occurs to a resource more so than it is the resource itself.



online journal, weblog

news service

feed, channel:

With these definitions, feeds and channels can contain ordered resources from any number of sources that are not just weblogs or journals. In the context of journal and weblog sites, the definition of entry is widened to allow tool developers to reuse the same structures for maintenance of far more resources in the weblog or journal.

It is possible, given this shift in understanding, that an 'entry' could be a general term used for any weblog or journal maintained item, or we could call that a metadata 'record':

entry, record

Note: Taken generally from the description of a [WWW]metadata record in DublinCore, and specifically from [WWW]Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML, Section 2, Terminology.

For reference,



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