This is a summation of the arguments about VersionNo (Versioning) formerly on the EchoExample page. They were moved here to keep that page clear of old discussions.


[AsbjornUlsberg, RefactorOk, DeleteOk] Added the Echo version number (1.0) to the Echo namespace. It's logical that both namespaces, schemas, DTD's and such change with each version of Echo, thus we don't need a "version" attribute. Comments on this are welcome and wanted. I also added an "e"-prefix to the ID's.

[TimBray] I think it would be a big mistake to embed the version number in the namespace name. HTML had a big fight about this, and it's also an issue over at the [WWW]W3C TAG. The conclusion seems to be that namespace names are for fine-grained identification: "this is HTML", "this is SVG". On the other hand, putting a version="1.0" on the root element would probably be a really good idea.