Does your feed reader properly grok atom:updated?

Originally proposed by [WWW]Dare Obasanjo, [WWW]this feed should successively return different versions of a given news item:

The transition from the first to the second version is not intended to be significant. The transition from the second to the third is. Once 410 Gone is returned, the aggregator should automatically unsubscribe.

While aggregators vary considerably in how they chose to convey updates to the user, for the purposes of this test, passing is defined simply as having the aggregator present (either by default or as an option) *some* visual indication when a significant update has been encountered.

Note: for this test case to work properly, the aggregator needs to support either [WWW]Etag or [WWW]Last Modified HTTP headers. (For more information on these headers, see Simon Fell's [WWW]excellent introduction)


Aggregator Result
[WWW]atom-tools (./)
[WWW]Bloglines ?
[WWW]FeedDemon 2.0 x
[WWW]Firefox ?
[WWW]Google Reader ?
[WWW]Google Home (ig) ?
[WWW]Gregarius ?
[WWW]Internet Explorer 7 Beta2 x
[WWW]JetBrains Omea x
[WWW]JournURL ?
[WWW]Liferea (./)
[WWW]My Yahoo! ?
[WWW]NetNewsWire ?
[WWW]NewsFire x
[WWW]Netvibes ?
[WWW]Newsgator Online ?
[WWW]Newzcrawler 1.8RC3 ?
[WWW]Opera x
[WWW]RSS Bandit v1.3.0.42 x
[WWW]RSS Owl 1.2 x
[WWW]Safari 2.02 ?
[WWW]Sage x
[WWW]Sharpreader (./)
[WWW]Snarfer (./)
[WWW]Thunderbird 1.5 x