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Patch to add Echo support to the Straw aggregator

Driver for Echo, in Radio Userland aggregator

(should there be AggregatorBehaviorRules? --[BillSeitz])

ATØM feed - XSLT application to transform Input (blogroll OPML) files with ATØM, RRS2 or RSS1 feed links to an XHTML+SMIL+VML composition User interactions: input of OPML file, Categories, Sorting etc parameters. (for IE6 users with MSXML4)

Now online: Readback version with MS Agent(character Claude) and Living Actor(Actor Claude) using SAPI4 British english TTS3000. - [Cybarber}

[WWW]clevercactus beta 2 includes preliminary Atom support

Drop-in replacement for nntp//rss 0.3 to support necho 0.1 and atom 0.2 feeds

[WWW]NewsGator supports atom 0.2 feeds.


Feed Validator

[WWW]laxed XSD

[WWW]strict XSD


Mark Pilgrim's ultra-liberal feed parser supports necho 0.1

[DavidCzarnecki] [WWW]Sandler is a is a "a java toolkit for creating and consuming Atom". [WWW]Mark has also setup the [WWW]Atom Sandler Blog for news, announcements and discussion on the development of Sandler.

[DeveloperDude] [WWW]kbcafe.atom is a C# toolkit/class for creating and consuming Atom syntax (not the API yet, I'll do that later). Please feel free to give feedback at the specified URL. By the way, it's less than 200 lines of code (mostly empty comments). Tell me that C# isn't cool!

[JeremyAshcraft] [WWW]phAnTOM The phAnTOM parser is a PHP class for parsing Atom 0.2 feeds. Still in its early stages as it can only handle <content> elements that are escaped XML/HTML or text. Part of the [WWW]Simplog project to add Atom support into the News Reader. Download it, dissect it, improve it. I'm going to need help to make this thing work 100% the way it is supposed to.

Test Suites

Bikini - a new sourceforge project


update: looks like [WWW]someone was working on a Perl module ;)


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