The Atom 0.2 snapshot is out.

These are different representations of the same content. Examples: an image, and an HTML representation of the image. Or: an HTML version, and a plain text version of the same content (perhaps run through lynx -dump, or w3m, or simply by stripping all HTML tags).

Publishers should order the alternative content representations in increasing order of fidelity. So if you have an HTML version and a plain text version, put the plain text version first and the HTML version second. If you have an image and an HTML rendition of the content of the image (a longdesc), but the HTML version first and the image second. If you have a translation of the content into another language, put the translation first, and the original content second.

Consumers should render at most one representation of a content type="multipart/alternative", according to their capabilities and end user preferences. It does not have to be the one the publisher thinks is best, although it should be, if you know how to render content of that MIME type and language and the end user hasn't specified a preference. The consumer has the final say about what content to render, if any.</p>

Suggestions that did not make it into this snapshot, but that are still under active discussion:

Other issues: