Subtitle Arguments

title element with rel attribute

It's been suggested that the title element should have a "rel" attribute to define what it is, and that multiple title attributes should be permitted. "If you don't provide a 'rel' attribute, it defaults to 'main-title' or something." A list of acceptable values is probably needed in this case.


Heads, decks, and leads appear to mean titles, subtitles, and summaries [WWW]as described by Jon Udell

subtitle elements existed on the following example pages:

Other misc former references:

A related concept would be that of a SeriesTitle -- where a group of posts is issued as part of a series. Example series would be "30 days to more accessible weblogs", "my Buffy marathon", "continuing reports from the [whichever] conference". At this time these series titles usually appear conflated with the post title, or maybe on the rare occassion a distinct and new category is created for the series. In either case, a shoehorning of concepts. It is quite conceivable that a post may have a SeriesTitle, a post title, and a SubTitle.