This is a discussion of changing the terminology from section 2.1 of the Syntax document.

The Syntax document distinguishes between top-level Atom elements as "entities" and Atom elements that can't contain other elements as "properties".

There are pros and cons to the object-property / record-field terminology as opposed to entity-property or construct-property:


[JeremyGray] We should probably take care to not use the word "entity" in this context, as it overlaps with existing terminology. A couple of potential replacements off the top of my head (not saying that they are good, however): Resource, Construct, mind's drawing a blank right now... Where's my [WWW]Red Bull?

[RichHall] It could be more consistent with OOP to change the names of the SchemaPatterns from "entity-property" to "object-property" in reference to syntax, and then refer to objects as "records" and properties as "fields" in the context of database implementations.

[KenMacLeod] I originally used "entity" in the DB sense. Feel free to substitute any similar term.