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This wiki is an open forum for agreeing on a new weblog format (Atom) that is:


Here's the project roadmap:

For all of our work we will:

Let's put aside our differences and work together to achieve these goals. If you support this roadmap, please link to it from your weblog, with a few words as to why you support it. Who can help create a permanent OfficialSite as the resource for all things Atom?


Company / Product List

Do you plan to be Atom Enabled? (Alphabetically):

  1. [WWW]23 Pools

  2. [WWW]b2evolution

  3. [WWW]bbCity

  4. [WWW]bBlog

  5. [WWW]Bill Zimmerly Blog

  6. [WWW]Blog-City

  7. [WWW]Blogger

  8. [WWW]Bloglines

  9. [WWW]BlogMatrix

  10. [WWW]BlogStreet

  11. [WWW]Blogwise

  12. [WWW]blojsom

  13. [WWW]Brindys Software

  14. [WWW]Blosxom

  15. [WWW]BottomFeeder

  16. [WWW]web development

  17. [WWW]CaRP

  18. [WWW]clevercactus

  19. [WWW]CNXN

  20. [WWW]CityDesk

  21. [WWW]Dave Winer

  22. [WWW]Docuverse

  23. [WWW]Dossier

  24. [WWW]Drupal

  25. [WWW]Dude Research

  26. [WWW]EraBlog.NET

  27. [WWW]EVDB

  28. [WWW]Ferrago Ltd

  29. [WWW]Grouper

  30. [WWW]HaloScan Commenting

  31. [WWW]IdeaGraph

  32. [WWW]intraVnews

  33. [WWW]InstantaNews

  34. [WWW]Jawfish

  35. [WWW]Kaywa Blog

  36. [WWW]Liferea

  37. [WWW]LiveJournal

  38. [WWW]MetaJournal

  39. [WWW]Meerkat

  40. [WWW]Miseldine Development

  41. [WWW]

  42. [WWW]ModBlog

  43. [WWW]MovableType

  44. [WWW]Mutiny Design

  45. [WWW]MyPHPblog

  46. [WWW]Nembis

  47. [WWW]Netdoc

  48. [WWW]Stars

  49. [WWW]NewsMonster

  50. [WWW]NewsTrove

  51. [WWW]nnrss

  52. [WWW]nntp//rss

  53. [WWW]NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

  54. [WWW]Nucleus

  55. [WWW]OpenBlog

  56. [WWW]OpenLink Virtuoso

  57. [WWW]OpenWeblog

  58. [WWW]Phlog

  59. [WWW]PHPosxom

  60. [WWW]Pivot

  61. [WWW]Popdex

  62. [WWW]PowerBlog

  63. [WWW]pMachine

  64. [WWW]PyBlosxom

  65. [WWW]Radar Networks

  66. [WWW]rawdog

  67. [WWW]Rlogger

  68. [WWW]Roller

  69. [WWW]Rome

  70. [WWW]RSSLibJ

  71. [WWW]SharpReader

  72. [WWW]Shrook

  73. [WWW]Simplog

  74. [WWW]Sitescooper

  75. [WWW]SnipSnap

  76. [WWW]Socialtext

  77. [WWW]Technorati

  78. [WWW]Textpattern

  79. [WWW]Tinderbox

  80. [WWW]TypePad

  81. [WWW]weblogger.el

  82. [WWW]WebMake

  83. [WWW]WINKsite

  84. [WWW]WinRSS

  85. [WWW]WordPress

  86. [WWW]Xerox DocuShare

  87. [WWW]NewsGator

  88. [WWW]floating atoll

  89. [WWW]Slash

  90. [WWW]jmem - the jabber memory component


  92. [WWW]XHP - eXpandable Home Page

Name List

If a name is linked, it should go to a permalink for the source of the quote. Such links can often be found in our [WWW]Technorati Cosmos. Add new names at the bottom of the page.

  1. [WWW]Sherman Monroe: "The gang at thinks this is definitely a step in the right direction. Expect support for these standards from our service."

  2. [WWW]Jason Shellen: "...We at Blogger would like to cast our vote in favor of this process and commend Sam on his efforts"

  3. [WWW]Mena Trott: "Six Apart [makers of Movable Type] plans to actively contribute to the effort going forward and we're looking forward to working with the other tool vendors, aggregator and client software creators, and the personal publishing community as a whole to make some open, extensible standards that can help grow our industry."

  4. [WWW]Brad Fitzpatrick: "It's some cool stuff."

  5. [WWW]Rael Dornfest: "I can't wait to start planting and incorporating the fruits of the effort into Blosxom."

  6. [WWW]Dave Johnson: "This is a very important effort, with real go-energy, and all of the right people behind it. I look forward to implementing the resulting new formats and protocols in Roller."

  7. [WWW]David Sifry: "I think this is a really good thing, and I'm looking forward to participating in this process. [WWW]Technorati will support it."

  8. [WWW]Lawrence Lessig: "Let this be the proof that the skeptic is wrong."

  9. [WWW]Mark Pilgrim: "I think the time is right to apply this collective wisdom, to get a fresh start, with a new format."

  10. [WWW]Tim Bray: "I support it strongly..." (Of course, it took me 1500 words or so with lots of caveats, amplifications and historical analogies).

  11. [WWW]Simon Phipps: "I enthusiastically support this initiative."

  12. [WWW]Aaron Swartz: "Let's start fresh, work together, and get the job done."

  13. [WWW]Timothy Appnel: "Hitting the reset button and taking a step back seems like the only sane option left." Full support.

  14. [WWW]James Snell: "Count me in."

  15. [WWW]Joe Gregorio: "I'm 100% behind this kind of forward motion, and will work to add support for it into Aggie, Bulu, and Pamphlet."

  16. [WWW]Morbus Iff: "I fully support a vendor neutral new log format ... I hope a mailing list comes of this - if the discussion is fully web-based, I'll have to take the sidelines."

  17. [WWW]Christian Crumlish: "The best outcome ... would deliver the holy grail of weblog interoperability: seamless migration from one vendor's tool to another."

  18. [WWW]Tomas Jogin: "I personally wholeheartedly support this initiative"

  19. [WWW]Kimbro Staken: "This is something I tend to agree with."

  20. [WWW]Arve Bersvendsen: "Consider me an avid supporter."

  21. [WWW]Stan Finley: "...could be the beginning of something big."

  22. [WWW]Christian Romney "i support this movement."

  23. [WWW]Asbjorn Ulsberg "Count me in."

  24. [WWW]Joi Ito "I'm in"

  25. [WWW]Paul Ford: "I have often wished for a single neutral format that would allow my CMS to interact freely with the other weblogging tools. This looks to be that format, and it has my full support."

  26. [WWW]François Granger: " I wish them all the best. This project looks really good." [FrançoisGranger]

  27. [WWW]Adriaan Tijsseling "Count me in! I'm all for uniform standards!"

  28. [WWW]Arthur Jennings: "This is an excellent idea."

  29. [WWW]Adam Keys: "Because Mr. Safe wants in."

  30. [WWW]Don Park: "I think this is a good thing."

  31. [WWW]Micah Dubinko: "This could get interesting."

  32. [WWW]Glenn Otis Brown: "Creative Commons is on board with helping define licensing extensions to the new spec."

  33. JeremyZawodny: "Can we make it happen FAST? There are some 800 pound companies looking at this stuff pretty hard right now."

  34. Ben Adida: "Excellent stuff. I fully support this effort."

  35. [WWW]Ted Leung: "I'll do the work for pyblosxom."

  36. [WWW]Bill Humphries: "I'm willing to let the process guide how the backend for More Like This evolves."

  37. [WWW]Allan Karl: "There's no question this is important and I'm in for the duration. Let's do it."

  38. [WWW]Georg Bauer: "I will look at what develops over at Sam's Wiki (and - as my time and knowledge permits - will contribute) and will use the [WWW]Python Desktop Server as a testbed."

  39. [WWW]Roger, Kaywa: "Because we believe in vendor-neutral "open" standards and interop."

  40. [WWW]Pete Barr-Watson "Because I believe blogging does (and will continue) play a very important role in online culture - and it needs to keep evolving"

  41. [WWW]Bryant Durrell "Truly open standards drive growth."

  42. [WWW]Danny Ayers "Let's just get on with it." [WWW]IdeaGraph will support this standard.

  43. [WWW]Gregor J. Rothfuss "Because it has a fighting chance to become the first practical step to achieve CMS content interop."

  44. [WWW]Hugh Pyle "This is important, necessary, timely."

  45. [WWW]Alex Lam "Time to cross the chasm."

  46. [WWW]Travis Kroh "Whatever happens, it needs to be [WWW]optionally complex--elaboration available for those who desire it, but simplicity available for those who don't."

  47. [WWW]Karl Dubost "Time for open and collaborative cooperation in the respect of everyone. I'm all for it."

  48. [WWW]Mark Nottingham "I fully support this effort."

  49. [WWW]Chris Wilper "I really hope this effort works out."

  50. [WWW]Dave Bauer "Let's get some work done."

  51. [WWW]Dylan Bennett: "Many of the goals of this roadmap are perfectly aligned with why I created the Cobweb Log Format." I hope the format I created can provide a good foundation to start on.

  52. [WWW]Marc Canter "If everything was done, we wouldn't have anything left to do!"

  53. [WWW]Niklas Gustavsson "Webloggers unite, at last"

  54. [WWW]Jack Park "Completely support this. Hope to see it support topic maps built from syndications."

  55. [WWW]Rishi Bhatnagar "I am looking forward to this. Count me in."

  56. [WWW]Sean McGrath: "So, is Sam's Log Format initiative a good idea? Absolutely.".

  57. [WWW]Ken MacLeod "I fully support the Road Map."

  58. [WWW]Janne Jalkanen "Hulk like. Standards good. JSPWiki will support."

  59. [WWW]Greg Reinacker "If a new syndication format grows out of this, [WWW]NewsGator will support it in the first release thereafter."

  60. [WWW]Ken Coar "You bet!"

  61. [WWW]Miss Konduct "I have some code to contribute."

  62. [WWW]Rui Carmo "Blogging should be closer to a Wiki, and totally technology-agnostic"

  63. [WWW]Manuzhai "I support Pie! I ain't one of the big ones, but I might be in 5 years. ;)"

  64. [WWW]Kingsley Idehen "Hey! When Open Standards is the game, you certainly have my Name. This will certainly be added to the Virtuoso weblog protocol stack"

  65. [WWW]Simon Willison "forward motion has got to be a good thing"

  66. [WWW]Mark Bernstein "Tinderbox will support this if this gets any traction. What's another Facade instance among friends? (I still don't understand why this has become such a heated controversy, but forward motion has ""got"" to be better than this."

  67. [WWW]Jake Sutton "It looks like Sam Ruby & friends are actually getting a bit of a handhold with this new-fangled blog format/syndication/API dealie."

  68. [WWW]Adina Levin: Forward motion good.

  69. [WWW]Ross Mayfield: "Lets make our software social"

  70. [WWW]Alexander Payne "If this can incorporate greater (potentially semantic) interconnection between posts in blogs and between blogs themselves then it's a step forward, not just a reorganization of existing ideas."

  71. [WWW]Noah Glass "We will do all we can to contribute to the vision and implimentation of the Log Format. [WWW]audblog will support it."

  72. [WWW]Rich Manalang "Very cool... we needs something better... the blogging community has grown out of RSS."

  73. [WWW]Sean Conner "And maybe, just maybe, we can put hypertext back into a syndication feed."

  74. [WWW]Maciej Ceglowski "The [WWW]NITLE Blog Census raises its meaty hand to vote "yes". And I even have a name suggestion: RSS XP!"

  75. [WWW]Scott Hanson "I think [the] initiative to create a new common format is a good thing, not because I care about RSS (I don't), but because it will help prevent brain damage."

  76. [WWW]Jon Lebkowsky "This is a Good Thing, a social software initiative that will create an environment for many conversations and communities."

  77. [WWW]Isaac Mao "No right or wrong, just do it. My contribution: USF(Universal Syndication Format)"

  78. Noel D. Jackson "It's about time. Let's make sure that the name doesn't even sound remotely like RSS, mmkay."

  79. [WWW]Tim Swanson "Not only do I fully support whatever esperanto-based standard(s) rises from this fusion of far-reaching talent, but I volunteer my Photoshop services to laboriously render a 80x15 image of the finalized name (don't choose 'Be,' 'Chia' or 'Firebird' por favor)."

  80. [WWW]Laura Trippi "A roadmap for post-RSS peace! The main thing is, we need better tools to take back the infosphere from the media oligarchy -- and talk amongst ourselves."

  81. [WWW]Matt Mower: "If it means an end to the madness, I'm for it."

  82. David Moldawer: A great idea, let's get started on it right away."

  83. [WWW]Norman Walsh: "Standardization is a good thing...I'll support whatever the community adopts."

  84. [WWW]Matthew Gifford: "I support this project."

  85. [WWW]Diego Doval: "Yes! And [WWW]clevercactus will support it too."

  86. [WWW]Miseldine Development: "The open, extensive standard which Atom promises to be will get our full support."

  87. [WWW]Fernando Tricas:"Me too. Our [WWW]Blog3metro work will be easier."

  88. [WWW]Joe Grossberg: "Fingers crossed ... come on, Sam!"

  89. [WWW]Pete Prodoehl: "We here at Rasterboy Enterprises fully support the whole Echo Project thingy."

  90. [WWW]George Dafermos: "Trust the community"

  91. [WWW]Nico Lumma: "Die Idee finde ich klasse. Und es w?re w*nschenswert, wenn da alle mitziehen."

  92. [WWW]Rahul Dave(RahulDave) Cool! Will write to it!

  93. [WWW]Chris Ruzin: "This is definitely a worthwhile project... one that I hope to see become a reality soon."

  94. [WWW]Chris Hollander: "Full speed ahead... give me validity, namespaces, typing, and meta-data, or give me RSS."

  95. [WWW]Dorothea Salo: "A fixed import-export format or API would rock my little world."

  96. [WWW]Zopto: "Planning to use Atom to log foaf events"

  97. [WWW]Cates "must be the most serious contender"

  98. [WWW]Ashish Shetty "I wish there were a better way to authenticate using Atom. Don't get me wrong: the Base64(SHA1(Nonce+CreationTime+Password)) method described by Mark Pilgrim at has a simplistic elegance."

  99. [WWW]Jonathan Jeon "I'm in too"

  100. [WWW]Antone Roundy "...I'm happy to do my little part to make Atom the best it can be..." Since then, I've gotten a lot more involved.

  101. [WWW]Nicholas Priest "I support this project. Good luck!"