[JasonLevine] Whaddya think, this page should now become DeleteOK?

We should just go with ATOM and end this nonsense now. Get a lawyer to look at it. Move forward working on the technical issues. Otherwise we will continue in this vicious circle no matter how many times we start with a CleanSlate (NameFinalVote was an attempt at a CleanSlate), or branding/marketing professionals, or lawyers.

Atom had the plurality of +1 votes on ProjectNameProposals, consensus under approval voting on ProjectNameProposals, and considerable forward motion by evidence of the fact that it was the only name to come up with artwork and is currently a working name.

[AsbjornUlsberg] If we should revive a name, despite copyright issues et al, it's Echo. But I don't think reviving either Atom or Echo is a very good idea.