There appears to be a pretty solid consensus that this effort will not be defined or serialized using the ResourceDescriptionFramework model. As Norm Walsh [WWW]said, "Fair enough." What we can expect, though, is for people familiar with RDF to help make sure things that would make [WikiPedia]interoperability with RDF better, simpler, or easier, to speak up about it — RDF applications will be among the users of Echo.

Specific to interoperability with RDF:

See also: XmlAndRdf, NoToRdf, SyntaxExtensionMechanism, RdfOwlVocabulary, Foaf, ExtraInterop, RdfExistingVocabs, ExtensibilityFramework, [WWW]SpotOfDrama

[JoeGregorio] I'm glad to see this page appear also. While I am well known for being averse to the XML serialization of RDF, I firmly believe there is need for translators for Echo -> RDF.

[SeanPalmer][RefactorOk] "It should be stated that use of Echo namespaces within RDF is a recognized usage." - Then Echo namespaces shouldn't use the same namespace + localName terms with different semantics for elements and attributes, or document context. I.e. <echo:blargh> and echo:blargh="" should mean the same thing so that RDF people can use the echo namespace plus "blargh" as a URI for just one concept. A minor point, but it can happen (xhtml:title, for example).

[SjoerdVisscher] I will provide an [WWW]XR document to extract as much RDF information as possible from Echo documents. (XR documents can be converted to XSLT stylesheets too) I am providing an online service for XR transformations.

If there should be anything RDFish in Echo, it would have to be giving URIs to as much things as possible, if possible using the same syntax when doing so.

[Frank Ruscica] Is there any relationship between FOAF and Echo? Thanks kindly for any insight.

I don't think there's yet a more direct link, but I expect FOAF will be one of the first "universally-supported and -defined extensions" that Ben Trott [WWW]referred to.

I'd like to include notes on how FOAF integrates with RSS1, RSS2 and Echo in the FOAF spec. Obviously its much easier for the RSS1 case because both languages live on Planet RDF. But it should be possible to work out something for embedding islands of FOAF and RDF in non-RDF XML such as Echo. I've started some on this w.r.t. RSS2 over on [WWW]their weblog, but it probably could do with moving into Wiki space to continue. --danbri (FOAF spec co-author)

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