PUT and DELETE support

This page summarizes the client and server side support for the HTTP methods PUT and DELETE. The contents of this page was earlier to be found in CarrotVsOrange, but is moved here to have the tests and results more easilly available.

Server-Side Platform support of PUT and DELETE

The main issue behind this discussion is centered around whether platforms support the additional HTTP and/or WebDav methods. This question of support is one that needs further investigation.

Note: The context of this question is a Atom Publishing System, not a web server, site as a whole, or some particular directory path within a site. Specifically: if you can run an Atom publishing system at a "gateway" URL using GET/POST can you not also run the same "gateway" URL as a URL-space with GET/PUT/DELETE/POST underneath it.

Client-Side Platform support of PUT and DELETE

Clients or Servers not able to use POST ''or'' PUT/DELETE for Atom API

The following are implementations where one might at first think, "oh, this one doesn't support PUT/DELETE", when in fact they are not capable of supporting the Atom protocol using POST, either.

See also: for a comparison of HTTP tools and capabilities.

Hosting Providers support of PUT and DELETE

The following are hosting providers capabilities for supporting PUT/DELETE: