A collection of entries. These are accompanied by various index/archive pages and "post" pages.

[GregStein] what about access control settings for a blog? I'd refer that definition/control to [WWW]WebDAV ACLs. we should also ensure that per-entry access control is possible.

In the above property list, FeedType is a token or a URI which represents the many varieties of feeds out there (e.g. Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, ...)

Index Page

A formatted display of a subset of a blog's entries.

Post Page

A formatted display of a single entry.


A piece of content, typically aggregated with other entries.

"Related Web Resources" (Pictures, videos, etc)


[GregStein] It may be interesting to avoid some work on this section by relying on [WWW]Principals from the WebDAV ACL spec.

User Preferences


[GregStein] just wanted to note that a blog could have a single multi-use template (like Blogger) or a whole set of templates for various purposes (one for the main page, one for post pages, and some for various feed formats).


[RobertSayre] I'm adding these properties just to get something written down. [WWW]discussion on atom-protocol.


Please don't discuss here. Use the atom-protocol list instead. Just add stuff you'd like to see.