What legal issues should this project address? The needs of the project, not entry content. [PhilWolff]


Would it be helpful to incorporate? If so, where and in what form?

Intellectual Property


Would it helpful to file defensive patents, putting them into public domain? Or taking other defensive measures against another patentholder?

[Skware] IANAL, but I believe that you cannot patent anything for which there exists prior published art. This wiki is a a public publication, and hence nothing arising directly from it would be Patentable (by anyone, not just the people on this wiki). Yes I realise that this is an extreme simplification of the issues, please correct me if I'm wrong here btw.


What terms should we trademark? Where? In what forms?

see: ProjectAdvertising, ProjectName, See ProjectNameGuidelines, ProjectNameProcess, ProjectNameProposals.


How should we copyright this wiki?
How should we copyright formal documentation?


[JonathanSmith] Any usefulness to some association with the SocialSoftwareAlliance? Okay, the RoadMap shows that this project has their endorsement.