[MikelMaron] Has there been any consideration of the process of 'marketing' the new feed format to non-technical individual's and orgs? RSS has some conceptual traction in the mass media .. so a new name could lead to confusion [thus possible resistance to early adoption]. Might be a good idea to approach a few savvy content providers (BBC/nyt) to get their input. I understand this is about a weblogging format .. but wouldn't you want to see this format adopted for all types of syndication? not sure what Mad Ave is ... please move to appropriate place of discussion, thanks

[JonathanSmith] Sorry, I was being too cute. "Mad Ave" is short for Madison Ave, which for me signifies advertising. My head is crammed full of "Mad Ave" work, i.e., icons, jingles, etc. In any case, giving consideration to marketing has "conceptual traction" with me.

[AsbjornUlsberg, RefactorOk] I work in the [WWW]Norwegian BroadCasting Corp. and we will use Echo when it's finished. I'll tell "our guys" in BBC about the format when it is mature enough, and when it is necessary for us to receive it from, or send it to them. I think "the word" will spread fast enough. I wouldn't worry about this yet.

[ClayShirky RefactorOK] The first way to market is to listen. I know Sam is trying to get as much input from as many places as possible -- AOL, NYT, BBC, etc -- to make sure the format offers them what they want, or at least to make sure that the standard doesn't become unworkable from their point of view. This is what we should all be doing, in whatever meetings or conversations we are in. Not pushy selling, but asking and documenting. 'You're launching a weblog project. Would you consider offering an Echo feed when the standard is ready? Why or why not? What can we do to make it esay for you?" Then come here and add what we've learned.

The second way is to use the power (law.) We don't need 50% of webloggers to convert to get 50% of the traffic on nEcho, we only need the top 5% to convert, so in addition to engaging with the tool makers, we should, when we are ready, make contact with the Andrew Sullivans and Glenn Reynolds (and yes, Adam Currys) of the world and ask the same thing -- "Would you offer your feed in nEcho? If we provided a remote RSS2nEcho converter? If we provided a converter and gave you this nice button and cut and paste code?" etc.

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