Remove app:draft and language pertaining to it.




app:draft is unnecessary. Furthermore, it addresses only a small subset of work-flow problems. Using multiple collections, all sorts of work-flows can be modeled.

Text like the following could be used to describe this in the spec but it is not needed either. (Could go in an implementation guide?)

99  Work-flows

  Many applications will require work-flows.  Drafting and moderation
  of blog content are simple examples of this.  Work-flows can be
  modeled by employing multiple collections: one for each state
  possible within the work-flow.

Joe Gregorio summed up the benefit of using work-flows instead of draft well:

As I put together my implementation
I am beginning to come around to that point of view,
once you have one collection throwing up a couple more is no
problem. It's also a lot easier than digging into each entry
and looking for pub:draft when publishing and it leaves the
classification and workflow up to the server, I could set up
several collections that an entry could move through
(draft, first edit, senior editor, queued for publication, published,
archived behind a pay firewall...

Thanks, Joe.


Remove references to app:draft from section 10.2.

10.2  Publishing Control

  This specification also adds a new element to Atom Entries for
  controlling publishing.

   pubControl =
      element app:control {
      & extensionElement

   The "app:control" element MAY appear as a child of an "atom:entry"
  which is being created or updated via the Atom Publishing Protocol.
  The "app:control" element, if it does appear in an entry, MUST only
  appear at most one time.

  The "app:control" element and its children elements MAY be included
  in Atom Feed or Entry Documents.  The "app:control" element is
  considered "foreign markup" as defined in Section 6 of the Atom
  Syndication Format.

  The "app:control" element MAY contain zero or more extension elements
  as outlined in the Atom Syndication Format, Section 6.  Both clients
  and servers MUST ignore foreign markup present in the app:control
  element that they do not know.

Remove section 10.2.1

10.2.1  The app:draft Element

  Text not included because the wiki gives a 406 if I include it.