Minor issue. Use one namespace URI for both the introspection doc and the pub:control element




Just a minor issue that I came across when implementing support for pub:control. The current APP draft currently uses two different namespace URI's for the pub:control and introspection documents. Even tho the two are intended for two completely different purposes, there doesn't appear to be much justification for using two different namespaces.


Change section 11.1 to:

This specification defines an Atom Format extension for publishing control called Atom Publishing Control.

Change section 11.2 to:

11.2 The "app:control" Element

namespace app = "" 

 pubControl =
    element app:control {
    & extensionElement

 pubDraft =
   element app:draft { "yes" | "no" }

The "app:control" element MAY appear as a child of an "atom:entry" which is being created or 
updated via the Atom Publishing Protocol. The "app:control" element, if it does appear in an 
entry, MUST only appear at most one time. The "app:control" element is considered foreign 
markup as defined in Section 6 of [RFC4287].

The "app:control" element and its child elements MAY be included in Atom Feed or Entry Documents.

The "app:control" element MAY contain exactly one "app:draft" element as defined here, and 
MAY contain zero or more extension elements as outlined in Section 6 of [RFC4287]. Both 
clients and servers MUST ignore foreign markup present in the app:control element.

11.2.1 The "app:draft" Element

The number of "app:draft" elements in "pub:control" MUST be zero or one. Its value MUST be 
one of "yes" or "no". A value of "no" means that the entry MAY be made publicly visible. If 
the "app:draft" element is missing then the value MUST be understood to be "no". The app:draft 
element MAY be ignored.