The specification of the Atom Publishing Protocol should appear in two documents, entitled "Atom Publishing Protocol - Basic" and "Atom Publishing Protocol - Administrative". Basic should cover introspection, collections, and the creation, updating, and removal of entries and non-entry resources. All other deliverables from our charter, including category and user management, go in the Administrative spec.


Under Construction


The current draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-02 fails to cover the following items from our charter:

Moving these more complex operations into a separate "Administration" spec would have the advantage that the eventual Basic Protocol RFC would remain at something like its current modest size, and those who want to implement a basic blogging client, e.g. on a resource-constrained mobile device, need not consider these issues. Also, decoupling the protocol problem into multiple specs will enable the WG to progress more smoothly, publishing parts of the finished product without having to wait for everything to be completed.


Ask for a change in our Charter which makes it explicit that the Publishing Protocol will be specified in two separate documents named "Basic" and "Administrative". The "Basic" document will cover introspection, collection traversal, entry creation/update/deletion, and non-entry-resource creation/update/deletion. The "Administrative" document will cover user and category management and all other administrative facilities found necessary for the publishing protocol.


The Basic protocol can be stabilized and experienced gained with it while we work in parallel on the administrative facilities.