This proposal defines a new element to be used in place of link[@rel="service.*"].



Author: AntoneRoundy

Related and Conflicting Proposals


If PaceLinkPurpose is adopted, then link[@rel=""] and link[@rel="service.edit"] will be clearly outside of the boundaries set for the link element (neither is an appropriate value for a clickable link), and thus will need a new element. Even if PaceLinkPurpose is not adopted, moving this logical group of @rel values to their own element would help to avoid excessive overloading of the link element.

Key questions

  1. Are the element and attribute names proposed below what we want?

  2. Is service[@name="feed"] needed, or could link[@rel="start"] be used in it's place?

  3. If alternative versions of a feed exist (for example, full content vs. summaries only), will this proposal need to change to accomodate that? (Perhaps only if <service> is to be used within a site's introspection file).

  4. What additional values might we want for @name?


Remove the service.edit, and service.feed portions of section 5.4.1 rel of the Atom API specification.

Insert the following under section 4 The "atom:feed" Element:

4.X "atom:service" Element

4.X.1 name Attribute

4.X.2 href Attribute


Servers and client currently implementing link/@rel="service.*" would need to use the new element to access the same information.


If the link element is abolished and link constructs are to be identified by the existance of an href attribute, href here should be renamed to something like "uri".

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