[AsbjornUlsberg] Add support for the xml:lang special attribute to all the relevant Atom elements. From the [WWW]current draft, it seems enough to specify xml:lang on the [WWW]Content Construct.




An entry, title, abstract, etc., may be written in a language different from the default language of the feed. This is a very common case for synthetic feeds (e.g. a feed composed out of several feeds from different authors in different languages).


Add the following section to the specification:

3.1.3 "xml:lang" Attribute

Content constructs MAY have an "xml:lang" attribute, whose value indicates the default natural language of the content. When present, this attribute MUST be a registered language tag from [WWW]RFC3066 or its successors; in addition, an empty string (xml:lang="") MAY be specified to indicate that there is no language information available.

Remove the following paragraph from section 2 of the specification:

Any element MAY have an xml:lang attribute whose content indicates the default natural language of the element's content. The content of this attribute element MUST be a registered language tag [RFC3066]. When determining element content's natural language, the first xml:lang attribute encountered in that element's ancestors MUST be used.


Has impact on what elements in an Atom feed one can specify language on.


[AsbjornUlsberg] By specifying xml:lang on the Content Construct, the atom:title [WWW]1 [WWW]2, [WWW]atom:tagline, [WWW]atom:copyright, [WWW]atom:info, [WWW]atom:summary and [WWW]atom:content elements are covered.