Expand the discussion allowing clients to post invalid Atom entries to entry collections; Explicitly require that if id and updated are missing, it is the server's responsibility to add them; Remove the discussion about roundtripped elements; Allows the client to edit atom:updated; Specifies that the server MAY choose to modify or extend an entries metadata (e.g. server could change atom:updated)


withdrawn (superseded by PacePostAnyToEntryCollection)


The existing discussion about roundtripped elements is confused and begs the question about who is the Publisher (the client or the server). This change makes it optional. The client MAY choose to specify or omit id and updated. If omitted, the server is required to set them. If included, the server MAY choose to override them.


(relative to -06)

Remove section 8.2.1

Change the following text in Section 8.1:

 Clients MAY POST invalid Atom for initial resource creation --
 specifically the id and link elements MAY be omitted.


 Clients MAY POST otherwise valid Atom entries that omit the required id 
 and updated elements.  If omitted, the value of these elements MUST be 
 provided by the server upon successful creation.

 The server MAY modify existing metadata or associate additional metadata 
 with the resource upon successful creation.

 Following the initial creation of the resource, Clients SHOULD NOT
 modify the value of the id element.