Adds a <link> element in <head> pointing to the feed itself, primarily to enable subscription based on the XML alone.




When processing a HTTP response with a known MIME type for which an external handler is registered, few browsers pass on the source URI to the handler. This information will be required by most client applications, in particular for aggregators to subscribe to the feed.

Being able to identify the source of a feed through the feed itself may also be helpful in provenance tracking.


An option for the link rel value of "self" to be added to the registry.

The following to be appended to Section 4.2.2 (atom:link inside atom:head):

    atom:head elements SHOULD contain one atom:link element with a rel
    attribute value of "self" and SHOULD contain a href attribute with an
    absolute URI as its value. This URI SHOULD identify the feed and a
    representation exactly equivalent to the feed SHOULD be available
    through a HTTP GET on the URI. If the link has a "type" attribute, its
    value MUST conform to the Atom MIME type as described in Section 10.
    The atom:link element MUST otherwise conform to the definition of a
    Link Construct in Section 3.5.

Section 10.1 modified to include "self" as one of the predefined @rel values.

    This registry is maintained by IANA and initially contains the three 
    values: "alternate", "related", and "self".


Adds another element to the feed. Adds an entry to the registry.