For the current Atom Publishing Protocol draft...

Create a new media type for Atom Entry Documents: application/atomentry+xml Deprecate the use of application/atom+xml for Entry Documents.




The fact that one media type is used for both Feed and Entry documents has repeatedly come up as a problem on more than one occasion. We have an opportunity to fix this problem now.


Add to Section 6.1

Atom Entry Documents are identified with the "application/atomentry+xml" media type (See section 15).

Renumber existing section 15.3 to 15.4


15.3 Content-type registration for 'application/atomentry+xml'

   MIME media type name:  application
   MIME subtype name:  atomentry+xml
   Mandatory parameters:  None.
   Optional parameters:
      "charset":  This parameter has semantics identical to the charset
         parameter of the "application/xml" media type as specified in
   Encoding considerations:  Identical to those of "application/xml" as
      described in [RFC3023], Section 3.2.
   Security considerations:  As defined in this specification.
      In addition, as this media type uses the "+xml" convention, it
      shares the same security considerations as described in [RFC3023],
      Section 10.
   Interoperability considerations:  RFC 4287 registers the application/atom+xml
      Content-Type for both Atom Feed and Entry Documents.  For Atom Entry
      Documents, the use of the application/atom+xml type should be avoided.
   Published specification:  This specification.
   Applications that use this media type:  No known applications
      currently use this media type.

   Additional information:

   Magic number(s):  As specified for "application/xml" in [RFC3023],
      Section 3.2.
   File extension:  .atomentry
   Fragment identifiers:  As specified for "application/xml" in
      [RFC3023], Section 5.
   Base URI:  As specified in [RFC3023], Section 6.
   Macintosh File Type code:  TEXT
   Person and email address to contact for further information:  
     This specification's author(s)
   Intended usage:  COMMON
   Author/Change controller:  IESG