Add atom:category, clean up the current atompub-format draft, and submit it to the IESG for consideration by the full IETF, with the aim of removing the "do not implement" flag and giving it to the world.


Under construction.

Related and Conflicting Proposals


The Atompub draft-format-03 is already substantially better and cleaner than any other known syndication-format specification that's out there. With the addition of atom:category, it will have no functional shortcomings compared to other drafts. At this point, the Atompub working group would best serve the community, not by further polishing of this draft, but by giving it over to the IETF for review and implementors for experience and feedback. Furthermore, this would allow the WG to focus on the protocol issues, on which progress has been slow.


  1. Discuss PaceCategoryElement and adopt it or some variation.

  2. Discuss what the namespace should be for the final release of the publishing format.

  3. Remove all "[["-marked TBD sections in the draft.

  4. Mark all remaining format-specific Paces as closed.

  5. Create an atompub-format-04 draft and submit it as WG product for consideration by the IETF community.