This Pace specifies a single [WWW]dateline element which gives the date and place of origin for an Atom entry.


Open, Incomplete


There is evident confusion on the existing dates; this will inevitably lead to interoperability issues. It also makes sense to optimize for the most common use case where the entries are created, issued and make available simultaneously and never modified.


Remove sections 5.6 "atom:modified", 5.7 "atom:issued", and 5.8 "atom:created" Element.

Insert the following as a new section in their place:


This proposal removes the existing dates, and defines a new one.


<entry xmlns="" xmlns:dcterms="">
  <link href=""/>



At this time, the syntax for providing location information has not been fleshed out. A brief scan of prior art turned up [WWW]Semantic Web Developer Map: representing locations of people, research groups and projects. I must admit that I do find the notion of naming the three letter code of one's nearest airport as an intriguing idea - being both compact, readily available, and suitable for searches and comparison. Imagine feedster searches for the week of 2004 July 26 in [WWW]BOS and [WWW]PDX.

If the WG decides not to provide a means for capturing the place of origin, then a different element name should be chosen.

The presumption is that atom:dateline will be defined as a profile of ISO 8601, probably one that is compatible with both [WWW]W3CDTF and [WWW]RFC 3339. An issue to be worked is the need for support and/or guidance on how to represent dates for which the local time zone offset is not known.

A decision will need to be made as to whether or not this element also replaces the feed level atom:modified element.