Replace atom:modified, atom:issued, and atom:created with atom:updated.






Replace sections 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8 with the following:

=== 5.6 "atom:updated" Element === 

    The "atom:updated" element is a Date Construct indicating the most recent
    date and time when a change was made to the entry which the publisher wishes
    to bring to the attention of subscribers. Such changes will typically not
    include minor adjustments like spelling and grammatical corrections.

    atom:entry elements MUST contain exactly one atom:updated element.  The
    content of this element MUST conform to the Date and Time format defined in
    [ RFC 3339].

    Publishers MAY change the value of this element over time. Consumers MAY
    choose to sort based on this value. Consumers MAY choose not to display
    entries until the date specified in the atom:updated element.



If this is the only Date Construct that makes it into Atom, it may be polluted somewhat by "subjective" dates. Note that since it is up to the publisher to decide subjectively whether an update is significant enough to warrant updating this value, even though it is supposed to be an objective date (the actual time when the update occurred), there is some subjectivity built into it.

If the value of atom:updated for an atom:entry changes, consumers MAY choose to continue to sort based on the original value rather than the new value.