This proposal is an exact copy of PaceDateSamRuby with the addition of a date that indicates when an entry changed, for the purposes of selecting "the most recent" version or instance of the same entry or indicating, if the date does not change between two reads of a feed, that the entry need not be "hashed" to check for changes that may result in an indicator to the user.




Use cases for atom:e:

atom:e serves the same purpose as the HTTP header Last-Modified. Best practice would be for publishing systems to ensure that the Last-Modified value of the entry on the server (any representation) is the value represented in atom:e.

What happens in each case if atom:e is not adopted:

Original Rationale for PaceDateSamRuby: The following were primary factors considered in the production of this proposal:


Sections 5.6 "atom:modified" Element, 5.7 "atom:issued" Element, and 5.8 "atom:created" Element would be replaced with the following sections:



Publishers will need to select one primary date for every entry, instead of three. If there is a desire to continue to include the remaining dates in the entry, the [WWW]dcterms module may be used.


The date defined in this proposal requires a timezone. That may need to be revisited.

RFC 3339 section 5.6 contains the following which we should consider limiting, for purposes of interoperability: