Resources listed in a Media Collection MUST have an atom:content @src link for editing the resource and MAY have an atom:link[@rel="edit"] link for editing metadata.




The existing spec isn't particularly clear what links a Media Resource may or may not have and how they are supposed to be used.


Replace Section 8.3.1 with the following:

8.3.1  Editing Media Resources
   When listing the contents of a Media Collection, every Entry in the
   Atom Feed Document MUST have an atom:content element with a "src"
   attribute containing the IRI of the media resource itself. This value
   may be used to update and delete resources as described in section
   5.3. When creating a public, read-only reference to the member
   resource, a client SHOULD use this value.


8.3.2  Editing Media Metadata
   Entries in a Media Collection MAY contain an atom:link element with a
   link relation of "edit" that contains the IRI of an Atom Entry 
   document representing the metadata of the member resource. A client
   MAY use this value to edit the metadata associated with the resource.

Replace Section 10.1 with the following:

10.1  The "edit" Link Relation

   The Atom Protocol adds the value "edit" to the Atom Registry of Link
   Relations (see section 7.1 of [RFC4287]).  The value of "edit"
   specifies that the IRI in the value of the href attribute is the IRI
   of an editable Atom Entry Document associated with a resource. In a
   Media Collection this IRI may be used to update the metadata 
   associated with a Media Resource. In an Entry Collection this IRI may
   be used to update and delete the member resource itself. The link
   relation MAY appear in Atom Entry representations as well as Entry
   and Media Collections.



This proposal isn't intended to introduce new behaviour. It is meant to clarify the existing protocol as I believe it is intended to operate. It is possible I may be mistaken in my interpretation though.