Alternative to PaceRequestURI that uses a pub:control element to allow a client to request a path segment for a entry




Many existing weblog software implementations allow clients to request specific path segments for entries. APP should also support this capability


11.2.2 The "pub:basename" Element

When posting an atom:entry to a collection in order to add a new member, a client may include a pub:basename element. This constitutes a request by the client that the URI assigned to the new resource incorporate the specified path segment. The value of the pub:basename element MUST conform to the path-rootless construction as defined in [RFC3986]. Collections MAY take the value into account when generating a new member's URI. For example, a typical application would be an APP server which uses dates to construct part of the URI path, e.g. "", but which allows clients to specify the last part of the URI path. Implementors should note that path values consisting of multiple segments (e.g. "pub/2006/01/10/cats") are likely not to be as widely supported as single segment values (e.g. "cats"). URI delimiters included in the value MUST be iterpreted as delimiters and are not to be escaped by the server.

{Add pub:basename to the pub:control definition in section 11.2}

 pubControl =
    element pub:control {
    & extensionElement

 pubDraft =
   element pub:draft { "yes" | "no" }

 pubBasename = 
   element pub:basename { path-rootless }

And change the following from 11.2: "The "pub:control" element MAY contain exactly one "pub:draft" element as defined here, and MAY contain zero or more extension elements..." to "The "pub:control" element MAY contain exactly one "pub:draft" element, MAY contain exactly one "pub:basename" element, and MAY contain zero or more extension elements..."