Define an element which reflects the time an entry was last edited.

* name it app:edited * put it in the app namespace * refers to the editable content/metadata/linked Media Resource * SHOULD vary when editable content (etc) is modified * SHOULD be set by the server, not the client * SHOULD appear in APP collection feeds * SHOULD order collections by app:edited


Based on APP ID-10, proposed for APP ID-11


Replacement for the various app:modified paces, naming it app:edited not only more clearly communicates the concept, it also sidesteps any confusion with the HTTP header named "Last-Modified".

Sorting collections by atom:updated is flawed in multiple ways.


Replace second paragraph in section 10 with this:

        To facilitate efficient syncing of server and local
        collections, efficient scanning for edited entries, and other
        uses; the entries in the returned Atom Collection Feed SHOULD
        be ordered by their "app:edited" property, with the most
        recently edited entries coming first in the document order,
        and every entry in the feed SHOULD contain an app:edited

Renumber section 10.1 to become 10.2, add this text as section 10.1

10.1 The "app:edited" Element

        The "app:edited" element is a Date construct as defined by
        [RFC4287] whose value indicates the most recent instant in
        time when an entry was edited, including when created. Atom
        entry elements in Collection documents SHOULD contain one
        "app:edited" element, and MUST NOT contain more than one.
                appEdited = element app:edited ( atomDateConstruct )
        The server SHOULD change the value of this element every time
        a Collection Member Resource or an associated Media Resource
        has been edited by any means.