A proposed direction for the Working Group to take regarding Atom and RDF.



Author: DavidPowell


A number of members of the Working Group want to be able to map Atom to RDF.

Interpreting Atom syntax as RDF/XML is not possible without applying transformations. As transformations are needed anyway, then it is unnecessary for the core Atom syntax specification to constrain the syntax to be more RDF/XML-like for the benefit of RDF users.

The simplicity of the Atom syntax should not be compromised to make a RDF mapping simpler.

The simplicity of an Atom/RDF model should not be compromised to make the Atom syntax mapping simpler.


A mapping from Atom syntax to the RDF model should not be defined by the current Atom specifications. Instead, a mapping can be defined in a separate Internet Draft.

Some constraints need be met to make this possible:

As a separate Internet Draft, a standard RDF vocabulary for representing Atom documents in terms of their underlying entities and properties should be defined, together with a process to map Atom syntax documents to this RDF vocabulary. One possibility is that Atom syntax could be transformed to RDF/XML using an XSLT style-sheet.


No direct impacts to the existing syntax.