In the early days of weblogging many sites were LinksLogs, a few still exist today. Nowadays, what LinksLog refers to are side features of sites that have "larger" content as their main feature.

What's the bare minimum required for a LinksLog? At a stab: a title and a link. Then with possibly a summary being an optional element?

As a bare minimum you'd want the URL, a 255 character or less description, a date and an optional title.

A SideBlog or LinksLog is an emerging feature of weblogs that have "larger" content as their main focus but also have a "quick list" or "noted" links as a side feature. A SideBlog would be a candidate for having its own Atom feed and of being edited using AtomApi.

Using Atom for bookmarks or links syndication

Guidelines :

Issues :

Some live examples respecting this guidelines :


AnilDash : Does anyone have a sample minimum feed for this type of blog?

NeilDunn : Do we not loose some of the semantics of a link blog by making the link which the entry the post is all about being of type <link="rel">, sure this link is related to the link blog post, but there is nothing at the alternate link for entry, apart from links leading out of the page. Could there be a better way of specifying the link which the entry is all about, and the <link="rel">s be specified as related to this first link, rather than the entry itself?

MikeDavies : This may be a bit of a problem, from the [WWW]Atom 0.3 specification for entry it states: "Ordering of the element children of atom:entry element MUST NOT be considered significant." - as I understand the above, the first rel="related" link is treated as the resource being commented on - so the order of the elements is considered significant. It probably is a semantic issue too, since the main link isn't a related link, but the subject of coversation. May I suggest using a different rel for the link being discussed - perhaps something like rel="subject" or rel="about" or rel="bookmark"

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