Here is a list of known Atom 1.0 feeds. Feel free to add your own; alphabetical by title please. See also KnownAtomConsumers.

Title Subtitle URI Valid?
Alex Harden cygweb [WWW]valid?
Alex Harden cygweb [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Anders Törnkvist Anders Törnkvist [WWW]valid? Atom News in Atom. [WWW]valid?
Atomic Starling Gan Uesli Starling!sort_order=Category [WWW]valid?
Atemschutzunfälle Informationsplattform und Sammelstelle [WWW]valid?
Blog@Case [WWW]Case Western Reserve University's Blogging System [WWW]valid?
[WWW]BlogZiNet Mozinet : navigateurs Web et communication par Internet [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Case Wiki Case Western Reserve University Wiki [WWW]valid?
Community Server Daily News News and tips about the Community Server platform [WWW]valid?
Conforme Philippe Janvier [WWW]valid?
Dave Johnson Blogging Roller [WWW]valid?
David Czarnecki bedeviled mojo slop (If you have to ask, you don't want to know) [WWW]valid?
Dave Walker freeform goodness [WWW]valid?
Days That End in "Y" Alcohol weblog [WWW]valid?
Elias Torres [WWW]valid?
exliibris Science-Fiction publiée en français [WWW]valid?
[WWW]frogware frogware Weblog [WWW]valid?
Graham Parks [WWW]valid? [WWW]valid?
Hacking gadflies (none) [WWW]valid?
Hayo Bethlehem [WWW]Personal website [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Everything [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Tech Nation [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Web Talk [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Larry's World [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Sound Policy [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Memory Lane [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Voices In Your Head [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Opening Move [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell IT Conversations - Behind The Mic (Doug Kaye) [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
James Snell [WWW]valid?
JPN [WWW]JornalismoPortoNet [WWW]valid?
Just So The life and thoughts of a zen buddhist [WWW]
[WWW]Katana Photo Groups Latest Updates [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Linfolibre personnal weblog [WWW]feed [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Mike Macgirvin Macgirvin.COM [WWW]valid?
[WWW]More Like This Weblog The more you know, the more jokes you get ... [WWW] [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Musings Thoughts on Science, Computing, and Life on Earth. [WWW]valid?
Niall Kennedy Niall Kennedy's weblog [WWW]valid?
[WWW]NiX News NiX IRC Network's News [WWW]valid?
M. David Peterson [WWW]XSLTBlog [WWW]valid?
Niklas Gustavson Niklas is a system architect and developer focused on J2EE, EAI and XML technologies [WWW]valid?
Norbert Lindenberg Norbert's Corner [WWW]valid?
NWN Norman Walsh's musings [WWW]valid?
ODE [WWW]Observatoire Départemental de l'eau [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Organic(Ltd) Organic newsline from [WWW]valid?
ongoing Ongoing fragmented essay by Tim Bray [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Pasion por el Rudio Harcore Punk Radio show [WWW]valid? musings in human and machine language [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Project Datafile - Latest PPP/PFI News Daily updates [WWW]valid?
[WWW]PTCC [WWW]Pacific Tropical Cyclone Centre [WWW]valid?
[WWW]PTCC [WWW]Alert Archive [WWW]valid?
[WWW]PTCC [WWW]Tropical Watch Archive [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Quix NiX IRC Network's Quotes [WWW]valid?
Rakaz The weblog of Niels Leenheer [WWW]valid?
Ramin Miraftabi The Life of Jalo [WWW]valid?
Root Beer Chris Nokleberg's Fizzy Weblog [WWW]valid?
Sam Pearson Random and Irrelevant [WWW]valid?
Sam Ruby It's Just Data [WWW]valid?
Scott Hanselman Computer Zen [WWW]valid?
Sébastien Guillon Sébastien Guillon est un développeur web / webdesigner parisien, qui écrit aussi un Journal web qui n’intéresse que lui. [WWW]valid?
Sjoerd Visscher's Weblog Pondering those web technologies that may change the future of the world wide web. [WWW]valid?
si-blog The personal web log of Simon Jessey, website designer and web standards evangelist. [WWW]valid?
SmutWire A daily blog featuring adults, in adult situations (hence the name.) [WWW]valid?
Tantek Çelik [WWW]Tantek's Thoughts [WWW]valid?
[WWW]TicketSwitch [WWW]Tickets from TicketSwitch [WWW]valid?
The BabelFish Blog Philosophy, computing and other things [WWW]valid?
This Space Intentionally Left Blank Aiding and abetting the downfall of the Internet [WWW]valid?
tinkernet videoblog for the future... [WWW]valid?
[WWW] Random thoughts from Tristan Louis [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most recent media [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most recent photos [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most recent photos [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most recent audio [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most popular media [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most popular channels [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Twango Twango most popular members [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Upon Reflection The mindless and not so mindless ramblings of a physics professor [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Use Perl [WWW]valid?
[WWW] Peter Howard is Wintermute, mythologist [WWW]valid?
[WWW] News and Views of Some Obscure Guy [WWW]valid?
[WWW]What not How Duncan Cragg on Declarative Architectures [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Xavier Shay Robot Has No Heart [WWW]valid?
[WWW]Carsten aka Roy/SAC Text art and fun [WWW]valid?
[WWW] Shopping and more [WWW]valid?