Known Atom 1.0 Consumers

Here is a list of known Atom 1.0 feed consumers (e.g. indexers, aggregators, etc.). Feel free to add your own; alphabetical by title please. See also KnownAtomFeeds.

Currently Available

Currently shipping, generally available to the public for use and verification, etc. Please try out these services with your Atom 1.0 feeds and note any problems or issues.

Organization Service/Application URI Comments/Issues
[WWW]Apple [WWW]Safari [WWW] Available in v2.0 and later
Ask Jeeves Bloglines [WWW]"seamless, invisible support for all popular formats" 2005-08-17: Althought the viewing works fine, the item's permanent link doesn't work. Noticeably broken on ongoing's feed at
[WWW]Blox0r Blox0r Web Aggregator
[WWW]Bradbury Software / Newsgator [WWW]FeedDemon 1.6 beta 2
[WWW]BottomFeeder BottomFeeder News Aggregator
[WWW]FeedBurner FeedBurner limited xml:base support
[WWW]FeedFeeds [WWW]Feed Your Feeds [WWW] Supports all RSS and Atom formats
[WWW]Google [WWW]Google Reader Time of feed entry is not correct (Not following <updated>)
[WWW]Gecko Tribe Grouper
[WWW]iPodderX iPodderX
[WWW]ilse media bv Feedo
[WWW]JetBrains JetBrains Omea Reader and Omea Pro Available starting in 2.0 RC4 version
[WWW]JournURL integrated aggregator [WWW]demo community subscribed to a few 1.0 feeds limited xml:base support
[WWW]KDE [WWW]Akregator [WWW]
[WWW]Liferea Liferea [WWW] Supported in version 0.9.6 and after
[WWW]Mozilla [WWW]Firefox [WWW]bugzilla bug [WWW]latest builds Available in nightly builds from 2005-07-28 onwards (and Firefox 1.5 Beta onwards)
[WWW]Mozilla [WWW]Thunderbird [WWW]bugzilla bug [WWW]latest builds Available in nightly builds from 2005-07-27 onwards (and [WWW]Thunderbird 1.5 Beta onwards)
[WWW]Opera Opera 9.0 preview (alpha) [WWW]Announcement Atom 0.3 is supported in current stable builds (Opera 8.x). Autodiscovery issue: Opera cannot distinguish between Atom and AtomAPI - but has no support for latter. This might confuse when surfing, say, LiveJournal.
[WWW]Ranchero NetNewsWire [WWW] [WWW]Announcement
[WWW]RSSBandit RSSBandit [WWW]announcement Available in version 1.3.x Alpha onwards
[WWW]RSSOwl RSSOwl 1.2+
[WWW]SharpReader SharpReader
GrahamParks Shrook
[WWW]Snarfware [WWW]Snarfer
[WWW]Technorati Technorati Spider
[WWW]XML::Atom XML::Atom
NewsGator [WWW]NewsGator Available now for Online subscribers and subscribers using NG Sync API, will be available in Outlook version 2.6
[WWW]the bugTrak Project FeedMonster [WWW] Now available
[WWW]Mark Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser [WWW] Python RSS and Atom parser module


Companies / products / services that have announced support for Atom 1.0, but not yet generally available.

Organization Service/Application URI Expected Date of Availability
[WWW]Microsoft Windows Vista(aka Longhorn) / Internet Explorer 7 [WWW] ????
[WWW]Newsgator Newsgator, FeedDemon ????
[WWW]Six Apart [WWW]MovableType, [WWW]TypePad ????


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