Why did Just Use Atom only just come about?

What's changed between now and then?

Who came up with the original name Atom?

Why did Atom not get chosen as a name straight away?

So what started the new Just Use Atom trend?

*** #echo Morbus ( joined the channel
* Morbus shifts eyes evilly.
<sbp> hey verbosus
<verbosus> hey sbp
<sbp> (#echo? geddit? :-)
<sbp> )
<Morbus> what's going on with the naming process?
<Morbus> someone needs to step up and choose one.
<sbp> the naming process is currently stagnant, but trying to proceed
<Morbus> this is getting far too destructive.
<verbosus> Is there a closing date for the current vote?
<sbp> that's the 50th round of voting
<sbp> yeah. September 30th
<verbosus> Bloody hell.
<sbp> and then we all wreak havoc changing the name all across the wiki
<sbp> and when anyone complains, we slam them for not taking part in the vote
<sbp> muahahaha
<Morbus> Nota?
<Morbus> so like, NotAGoodSpec?
<verbosus> Heh
<Morbus> winer'll love that .
<rubys> suppose the complaint is: "have you obtained legal approval for this name"?
<sbp> heh, well I was being flippant. I'd really like to see the same level of 
   participation as we've had in the past
<Morbus> hasn't that stuff been researched already in the recommendations?
<sbp> since there basically needs to be a name at some point
<sbp> but part of the vetting process guidelines was to seek legal approval
<Morbus> i'm not choosing Nota for reasons of mispronounciation.
<sbp> of course, I doubt that anyone did a significantly thorough job
<Morbus> in four years, we'll have soundclips of how to pronounce GUI and MySQL.
<sbp> my-squeal
<Morbus> wrong ;)
<sbp> I know
<verbosus> Was this thing of being looked for legal approval posted on the wiki?
<Morbus> sigh. i think i'm gonna abstain from the vote, then.
<Morbus> not sure i like any of these names.
<Morbus> was Atom legally taken?
<sbp> can you think of a better on?
<sbp> Atom legally taken: not sure. people dropped it because they believed that 
   it is, though
<Morbus> that'll be more destructive than anything sbp.
<Morbus> someone who hasn't been part of the process swoopign in with new 
<sbp> heh, heh
<Morbus> like i'm reinventing the world.
<verbosus> Heh, the same here, Morbus.
<rubys> one big complaint on Atom was that it only obtained a pluratity, not a 
   majority.  I have it from numerous sources that Atom is "probably" OK legally.
<sbp> and the plurality seems to me to have been people sheeping after the big 
<Morbus> i think, honestly, that Atom should be used.
<Morbus> everyone refers to it as such, same with the media.
<Znarf> [+1] ;-)
<sbp> yeah
<Morbus> regardless of whether its voted on, its been as common as wite-out or 
<sbp> as much as I dislike the name, it seems bound now
<sbp> I think there'd be great value in that
<Morbus> indeed.
<Morbus> we'll have to reeducate thousands of people on the name.
<Morbus> that everyone has, in some aspects, been referring to as atom (either 
   solely, or as echo/atom/pie).
<Morbus> less confusion, less reinvention.
<verbosus> 8om
<Morbus> 80m?
<sbp> plus there are many things which won't be changed
<sbp> old blog entries referring to Atom etc.
<verbosus> In the US, don’t you pronounce it eigh-tom?
<sbp> "up and adddam" "up and atom!" "up and adddam" "up and *atom!*" "up and 
   addam!" "sigh... better!"
<sbp> i.e. no. aht-uhm
<sbp> AFAIK
<sbp> there are probably some states that voted to say it differently
<Morbus> hmm. verbosus, interesting point.
<Morbus> but, that seems more like "potato" and "potahto" then "note-a" and 
<Morbus> potaaaato, potaaaahhhto, i mean.
<sbp> yeah. 8om and aht-uhm are mutually intelligable
<sbp> heh
<verbosus> Yeah.
<verbosus> 80m!
<Morbus> 8mm?
<verbosus> Looks crap, though.
<Morbus> let's make a snuff film.
<sbp> looks lee7
<sbp> er... 1337
<verbosus> Yeah d00d.
<sbp> r0ffle
<Morbus> now, now.
<Morbus> signal to noise, people, signal to noise!
* Morbus chuckles knowingly.
<verbosus> Morbus: as if…
<sbp> come on, man, we use utf-8! how can anything we say be signalless?
<verbosus> Yup.
<Morbus> yeah, verbosus is annoying the hell outta me with his utf ;)
* verbosus chats in UTF-8 since, err, last night.
<sbp> it's funny really--makes me want to start learning all the encodings
<verbosus> Morbus: what pathetic IRC client are you using that doesn’t 
   grok UTF-8?
<Morbus> verbosus: trillian on win32.
* verbosus is using XChat Aqua on OS X.
<verbosus> Yeah: I used to use it and used to be pissed off at UTF-8 aware 
   fellows as well.
* bitsko peeks in to see he missed all the fun
<Morbus> loads, oads.
<sbp> heh. perhaps it could be approached from an "it's going to be called 
   atom unless anyone raises legally confirmably reasons why it shouldn't 
   be" point of view
<sbp> s/ably/ed/
<sbp> garner consensus by subtle force
<sbp> on September 30th, Nota is bound to be ahead on NameFinalVote
<sbp> on October 1st, Atom is still bound to be called Atom
<xian> why bad Nota?
<sbp> oh, I'd be fine with it being called Nota. don't get me wrong. I even 
   voted for it, as has bitsko, as has verbosus
<sbp> it's just that the current participation in NameFinalVote is miniscule
<verbosus> Yeah, +1 for me.
<sbp> if Sept 30th comes, and suddenly every Pie/Atom/Echo covering blog out 
   there proclaims Nota the new name, and heralds the start of a permanently 
   named format, then fine
<sbp> but I rather doubt that'll happen
<sbp> which is a shame because this has been the least turbulent round of 
   voting :-)
<verbosus> BTW, if there are problems with Nota we can go with Mota, reverse 
   for Atom.
<sbp> I think that'd require a re-vote, though...
<Morbus> we'd need to form a committee.
<verbosus> Which I think has some nasty spanish meaning attached to it, not sure.
<sbp> babelfish says "Speck"
<sbp> which doesn't seem too nasty
<sbp> but babelfish is also crazy
<verbosus> sbp: I’m referring to some swear words (in a Black Crowes record, 
   at the end of a song, someone says something like ‘esta es la mejor mota’)
<verbosus> Whatever, Mota isn’t even in the candidates.
<verbosus> Morbus, what about that committee?
<sbp> Mota was the name of an Offspring song, too
<sbp> good song IMO, but it lends creedance to that point, yeah
<sbp> aha. '"Esta es la mejor mota" --> loosely translated to english, "This 
   is the best weed"' -
<xian> the mota in gopod's eye
* verbosus is amazed at his level of understanding of spoken spanish
<sbp> okay, so mota would almost certainly need a re-vote
<sbp> Asbjorn: "It's scary to see the lack of participation and activity on the 
   Wiki these days." - NameFinalVote
<sbp> the fad has seemed over for a couple of months
<sbp> but that's nice because the few hardworkers (Sam, bitsko, etc.) are still 
   at it
<bitsko> I'll be taking a break for a bit while move ;)
<sbp> heh. of course