IETF versus W3C vote


This page is created to poll the feelings of the Atom community in which standards body Atom should be standardized. Many different proposals have been made, a lot of discussion has been done at the mailing list, at private weblogs, at IRC and in face to face meetings. As it stands now, there are two possible directions to go: Either with the [WWW]IETF or with the [WWW]W3C. (as of 16June, this may have been overtaken by events; things seem to be moving towards IETF).

It should be noted that while the W3C folk have said that a formally joint-effort Working Group between both IETF and W3C is something they don't want, there may be possibilities for other kinds of collaboration between Atom and the communities working around W3C (eg the [WWW]SW IG). Although the decision about formal home for the WG was a clear cut choice, there are many ways of continuing a collaboration. (paragraph rewritten to be more optimistic, possibly doesn't fit with rest of page any more...)


Just put your name beneath the option you think is the best for Atom. Please leave personal agendas and feelings out of the matter; vote on the standards body you think would benefit Atom the most.


Closed per 23rd June 2004, 00:00 GMT. The consensus was to go with IETF and not start a W3C working group.


The vote closed 23rd June 2004, 00:00 GMT.


  1. Mark Wilson

  2. BillDehora

  3. AntoneRoundy

  4. KenMacLeod

  5. PaulHoffman

  6. SteveJenson

  7. NadeemBitar

  8. Murata

  9. JohnPanzer

  10. WalterUnderwood

  11. JulianReschke

  12. EricScheid

  13. HenrikLevkowetz

  14. DannyAyers *

  15. MikeDavies *

  16. GregStein

  17. JeremyGray *

  18. JanneJalkanen (let's just get this over with)


  1. AsbjornUlsberg

  2. RandyCharlesMorin

* first choice was different, this is for the sake of consensus

Oh do grow up, it's too late for this

  1. GrahamParks

Thanks for considering us! Let's stay in touch :)


See IetfVersusW3cVoteDiscussion for discussion.