Proposal: Feed Icons for Atom (and RSS) Feeds

See AtomArtwork

[StevenGarrity] [RefactorOk]How about icons for Atom (and maybe RSS feeds) in the same way they work for website icons (favicon). I would propose a simple convention of 16 pixel square icons. Since the ICO format is awkward to create, I would suggest using the PNG format due to it’s open nature, transparency support, and ability to be used in the browser.


Perhaps the developers of the RSS readers might have some input on the pros and cons of the PNG format.

Several RSS readers have 16px icons for feeds right now that indicate the status of the feed (new items, updating, broken, ect.) – if custom feed icons were used, this would preclude the use of this icon are for conveying info like this. Again, I invite feedback from the developers of RSS readers.

I’ve mocked up an example of a list of feeds with icons:

[AsbjornUlsberg] I think this is something that should be taken care of with an extension. Extensions can be added through namespaces.

[FrederikAust] I don't know, whether this is the right place to suggest this and I'm sorry if it isn't. I made two different icons for atom feeds similar in style to the common RSS feed icon. In my opinion it would be great to have a "standard" atom icon, so if you want to use one of these they are public domain you can download them in different sizes on [WWW]my blog. If you need any other sizes just leave a comment on the post or send me a mail to "frederik dot aust at blogage dot de" and I'll get back at you.