Entry Catalog

The "entry". A web log entry. A blog entry. What is it?

It's a bunch of (slightly? significantly?) different things, with an underlying event-entry data structure that has inspired the search for the well-formed web log entry and Atom.

Use this page to catalog different types of entries. These are high-level semantic "type" concepts. For each type, the catalog should indicate a succinct, high-level concept of what, categorically, is meant by the entry.

Add links to good examples. See also UseCases.

Catalog starter: JayFienberg

First pass: entry types

Content Blog

Content Blog that is essentially a LinkBlog

Note: see [WWW]RSS and weblogs tag team mano a mano vs. syndication and broadcatching for a good commentary that suggests how linkblogs are different than weblogs.

LinkBlog (pure)

Example: Mark Pilgrim's [WWW]Linkblog



Example: [WWW]Bizstone's photoblog is a good example of a Photo Blog. In contrast, [WWW]this post on Anastasia's View does not match the photoblog type (because of the timestamp), even though it is a post of a photos. (Rather, it would more match the content blog type).



Wiki Entry #1

Wiki Entry #2


Event Blog

Event-entry semantics - questions

There is an event. The entry logs the event. Is the entry the event?

What is the event that is being logged?

Is the event being logged always the posting of the entry.

Do weblogs (or other Atom/RSS feed producers) exist that use a different meaning for the event? For example, if a server event logging system were to have an Atom feed, wouldn't the entry time indicate the timestamp of the events from the system, and not simply the posting of the entry?

In general: in some cases, all of the data/information from the event is in the entry, and, in other cases, the entry summarizes or indicates an event outside of it.

Are there two categories of event-entries?:

  1. entries that are events

  2. entries that indicate events

"Entry is the event" types

"Entry indicates the event" types