There is already a project named Echo, and they have [WWW]requested that we do not use the name Echo for this project.

There are four directions in which we could go on renaming the project.

  1. Rename the project "Pie", as was originally proposed [ArthurJennings]

  2. Find an entirely new name [ShelleyPowers] [BruceLoebrich] [DeveloperDude] [JeremyGray] [MichaelBernstein]

  3. Find something that is phonetically similar to Echo [TomasJogin]

  4. Find something that is semantically related to Echo

[ShelleyPowers] Find a new name. Now that a legal issue has been raised with Echo, trying to go with a variation will only postpone the problem. And variations are just going to make the name even more confusing. Start fresh, but leave the poll open longer this time. As for Pie, put this in as one of the name suggestions, but don't reopen the Pie debate again -- let it take its chances with the other suggestions.

[DorotheaSalo RefactorOk DeleteOk] Brainstorming: Narcissus (the nymph Echo's inamorata), Riposte, Echoes (tho might cause same problem with other group). Also like Reverb (I forget who suggested it).

[DeveloperDude] I wouldn't constrain the renaming process.

I thought Resonance was a pretty good second choice before. [MichaelPate]

[BruceLoebrich] How about an acronym? Maybe something like EAS for Editing, Archiving, and Syndication? It's pronounceable and projects an impression of simplicity and ease of use.

[TimBray] How about "Ear"?

[JamesSnell] Some other alternatives harvested from a [WWW]Latin word list

[DonPark] I saw 'mano' above and thought Mana which is defined as 1. A supernatural force believed to dwell in a person or sacred object. 2. Power; authority. Mana Feed, Mana Enabled, and Mana API all sounds cool. Mana also makes sense in a HeyMan way if you think about information flowing from one person to another as in Mana Flow. Of course, I still prefer WOS over Mana. BTW, Mano reminds me of manure for some reason. Sorry, James.

[ShelleyPowers] Well, if we're going to start putting names here, then I do want to re-admit Pubs, either as a short word or an acronym for Publication System or Personal Publication or a variation thereof. It fits both the model -- a model of the personal publication domain. It fits a syndication format as well as an API. It is more self-explanatory than Echo or variations thereof. It should age well as the concept propagates out of the tech realm. If the main issue about it is that pubs is taken as a domain, then I bet pubsproject.* is not taken as a domain. Besides -- I don't mind it being associated with excellent English or Oregon brew pups...

[TimothyAppnel] This is getting to be a silly waste of cycles. I'd just assume call it ESP. Which means nothing really though its been derived from the previous name which we can't use. The idea of that the format/syntax/protocol lets you remotely perceive what is on another site seems to fit the bill. ESP Enabled has a nice hip ring to it.

Here is something I posted elsewhere in the wiki. Not sure where this discussion is going to take place. [TimothyAppnel] [WWW]LOKAHI means UNITY and HARMONY in Hawaiian. During the initial search that resulted in Echo I looked up Hawiian language words and came across this one. (Afterall we are doing this work in a wiki which is derived from a Hawaiian word wikiwiki which means quick.) I did a Google search and the only thing remotely close to this effort is the Lokahi project which is sometype of grade school penpal exchange program. All other hits are to Hawaiian culture, canoe clubs and hotels.

[ChristianCrumlish] How about this: add, because everytime we post an entry to our blogs we are adding to the store of human knowledge. Also because it can be read as ADD, which we probably all have

[JoeGregorio] Ecco or Ekko

[GrantCarpenter] The fact that another open source project is using the name, would like to keep it as their own and has a pending trademark application on the name seem like compelling reasons to not use Echo. I refactored the existing alternate name proposals and tried to come up with something less chaotic as a process: ProjectNameProcess, ProjectNameProposals.

AdamRice +1 to JamesSnell's "ecce", especially because it is palindromic and evokes echo anyhow. In the spirit of spoiling the soup though, here are some more ideas: