[WhyTheLuckyStiff] Herein find the EchoExample translated to a YAML equivalent. This may be a little off, as there is much to take in from around this wiki, so some of the semantics may be lost in the translation. I take a few liberties, pluralize a few words.

This document does not intend to sway the populace towards accepting YAML as Echo's underlying syntax. Such decision can be seen in SyntaxConsiderations and DontUseXml. Nay, this is just an exercise to see how YAML would perform in this arena.

[RichardSoderberg] This resembles very closely the RSS 3.0 specification in implementation, albeit with a YAML header and several more fields; YAML provides a clean way for transitioning to nested elements while retaining the simplicity of RFC822-style metadata headers.

So, a few things I think YAML does well in this context:

YAML's toolset is far behind XML's of course, but any YAML parser could load the above. Here's a Ruby session I ran against an older version above: ('pp' is Ruby's pretty printer.)

Yeah, so, it's going to take a lot of self-control not to create an Echo dialect for YAML.