[DiegoDoval AnswerMe] (It seems that my previous comment to this effect was removed without a reply.) In the current spec (0.6) it seems that the use-case to re-post an entry after a post (an entry that you have created locally), the tool will have to:

Is this interpretation of the process correct?

[JoeGregorio] This is a lot of discussion arguing over a single GET. I will be moving this discussion to EchoApiContentOwnership.

[DiegoDoval] Ok. But the discussion is, IMO, not over a "single GET" but over the issue of content ownership, and of who has to bear the burden of dealing with an update, and minimizing network transfer.

[DiegoDoval] I've been waiting for more replies or discussion on this and it doesn't seem to happen. Should I assume that the current (and not appropriate, as far as I can see) re-posting sequence will remain as-is?