What is a Defined Data Model?

What are the requirements for sufficiency?

If we're talking about extension modules, we might want to know things such as:

The RSS 1.0 approach to this was to use RDF conventions. This meant that all extension modules could be treated similarly:

Whether or not there is a !echo mapping to RDF, it is likely we will want some way to get answers for these questions about extension models. --danbri

See also : SyntaxExtensionMechanism, ExtraInterop

Related was originally a simple linking mechanism. Maybe we should consider it as a simple use case of DefinedDataModel + SyntaxExtensionMechanism + ComponentBlog. Please help to refactor the issues there to better understand the issues facing the larger issue of Semantic Web Logs.

See: ContentModule, ComponentBlog, AdaptiveBlogosphere

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