Tests to help determine whether the specification of dates (PaceDateUpdated, PaceDateModified, PaceUpdatedDefinition) will work.

=== Use Cases ===

How would the following be implemented -

Choosing latest entry from multiple feeds:

Single feed for project documentation:


Would Bob's analysis hold? -

[[ This implies that if I find multiple versions of an entry, I should ignore all but the *first* instance of an entry found with any particular atom:updated value. I should not be concerned with identifying the "latest" version since any version that shares the same atom:updated value is equivalent in the opinion of the publisher. The opinion of the publisher is paramount in these issues. ]]

General Case

On atom-syntax:

Danny: >> Are they planning on using atom:updated to signal typo changes? >> Robert: > That's what I'll be doing.

Do you believe that will be typical or exceptional behaviour?




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