Contributors List

This page collects the names (possibly WikiNames, if you have one on this Wiki) of people who have contributed to this project, so that they can be properly acknowledged in its output. Please add yours if you feel it belongs.

When adding yourself, please specify how your name should show up (unless it's *blindingly* obvious), and if your contribution is concentrated in only certain areas (right now, "Syntax" and "API").



[DannyAyers] Why two lists? Anyone that has worked on one area will have in effect assisted in the other...

[MarkNottingham] There are two deliverables, and conceivably someone (like me) only cares about one of them. You're right that there's likely to be great overlap; I've refactored to be one list.

[DonPark] I would like to see the Contributors list separated into Major Contributors and Minor Contributors. I feel like I contributed something to Atom, but I am uncomfortable being in the same list as those who contributed far more time and energy into this.

* +1 [AndrewCates] Agree otherwise people will be shy. Not that I've done anything yet, just nosing around

[AsbjornUlsberg] Can we please define more areas than just "syntax" and "API"? I miss an area that deals with "model", e.g.

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